Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton had a good time jawing with the fans during joint practices with the Tennessee Titans this past week in Nashville, Tennessee.

“I can’t right now, brother,’’ Newton told fans wanting a moment of his time Thursday. Kelvin Benjamin Jerseys “I’m working. I’ve got to keep my lights on. I’ve got to keep my bills paid. You know what I’m saying?’’

Newton didn’t do much to pay the bills during Wednesday and Thursday practices as he continued to rehab his surgically repaired shoulder. Luke Kuechly Jerseys He threw some in individual drills and 7-on-7 drills but didn’t participate in team drills.

He won’t play in Saturday's 3 p.m. preseason game at Nissan Stadium, where the 2015 NFL MVP introduced the world to the dab two years ago.

But there are plenty of other things to keep an eye on as the Panthers try to run their preseason record to 2-0. Here are five things:

Offensive consistency -- Coach Ron Rivera used the word “terrible’’ to describe all of the bad plays made Thursday. Star Lotulelei Jerseys He wasn’t happy with the rhythm, the dropped passes and the fundamental mistakes. Even without Newton and several other stars, Rivera told players that if they expected to be great, “you’ve got to be great every day.’’ He says that even if it’s backup quarterback Derek Anderson running the offense and lesser-known receivers catching passes, as was the case Thursday. Cam Newton Jerseys There are no guarantees Newton will be ready for the opener, even though that is the target. So it’s imperative the offense look sharp with Anderson & Co.

What’s next, McCaffrey? Rivera wasn’t the only one unhappy with Thursday’s practice. Even rookie Christian McCaffrey said the Panthers have “higher standards.” McCaffrey set the bar pretty high for himself in the preseason opener, rushing for 33 yards on seven carries. Greg Olsen Jerseys He almost broke a couple of runs. What he didn’t do was catch a pass, one of the big reasons he was selected with the eighth pick in the draft. While the Panthers don’t want to show their entire game plan for McCaffrey before the opener, they’ll want to see what the former Stanford star can do in the passing game against an opponent other than his own defense. Getting him one-on-one in the open field will be a big part of this offense no matter who is playing quarterback.

The Road to Health is Paved with Good Intestines


I know the intestines are not a subject we, in the modern world, like to discuss. However, please bear with me as I provide you with some “seeds of knowledge” that will not only help to prevent disease, but that are also changing the lives of millions of people and restoring health to those with disorders such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, multiple allergic response syndrome, lupus, irritable bowel, Crohn’s disease and yes, even cancer.

The large intestine (also known as the colon) is a hollow tube-like organ of approximately 5 to 5 1/2 feet in length. It is made up of pockets called sacculations, medically known as haustrae. In this tube are trillions of cells associated with the human body, 90 percent of which are bacteria microflora microorganisms living in the large intestine. It is now universally accepted that autointoxication, a condition meaning the body is poisoning itself, is the underlying cause of an alarmingly large percentage of degenerative disorders and complex diseases.
The inner lining of the colon consists of extremely sensitive nerves and glands that provide an important function in the final stages of digestion and assimilation of foods. These same nerves and glands help to eliminate wastes from the system, a sort of human garbage disposal. In addition, the blood eliminates many of its wastes through the colonic walls. Researchers in degenerative diseases and professionals trained in colon hydrotherapy have shown that extra body weight can be attributed to the waste accumulation that lies within the 60,000 miles that make up the blood vessels, lymphatic system, bones, joints and soft and connective tissues. Much of this accumulated waste can take up “housekeeping” in the colonic pockets (sacculations) because of the structural makeup of the colon. Over decades, this “packed-in” waste can accumulate as much as 30 to 50 lbs of fecal waste.
When the body becomes overwhelmed with toxins it can’t handle, it becomes a raging fire on a path of self destruction; this is where colon health computes into the health equation. Colon cleansing can be accomplished by three major methods: colon irrigation through hydrotherapy, exercise, and better diet high in fiber and vegetables aid in the removal and elimination of colonic plaque.

Death Begins in the Colon

The colon is a sewage system, but by neglect and abuse it becomes a cesspool. When it is clean and normal, we are well and happy. Let it stagnate and it will distill the poisons of decay, fermentation, and putrefaction into the blood, poisoning the brain and nervous system so that we become mentally depressed and irritable; it will poison the heart so that we are weak and listless; poison the lungs so that the breath is foul; poison the digestive organs so we are distressed and bloated; and poison the blood so the skin is sallow and unhealthy. In short, every organ of the body is poisoned, and we age prematurely; look and feel old, the joints are stiff and painful, neuritis, full eyes, and a sluggish brain overtake us, and the pleasure of living is gone. This statement was made by Dr. Bernard Jensen,1974.

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Katie Couric's Story

Katie's husband, Jay Monahan, died of colon cancer in 1998 at age 42. He was diagnosed at age 41. He had no symptoms. Had he been screened earlier, he may have lived a long life. After seeing her husband shuffled from place to place for tests and treatments, and then passing away, Katie was determined to help people get screening tests.